Angel Fire Spring or Summer Mountain Vacation Planning Guide

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need To Plan Your Spring Or Summer Mountain Vacation

There’s something about being in the mountains that awakens a connection with nature that sits deep in your soul. Sure the ocean is nice, but chances are you’ve done that time and again. Why not vary your vacation routine with a trip to a unique town in the Southern Rockies?

How To Prepare For Your Mountain Vacation In Angel Fire, NM

If you haven’t taken a spring or summer vacation in the mountains before, or even if you have, it’s always good to know what to expect. We encourage you to plan ahead to fully immerse yourself in a relaxing vacation. Knowing what the weather is like, what there is to do and even how to pack is immensely helpful.

Ways That Altitude May Affect You

The altitude in Angel Fire, New Mexico is 8,6000 feet above sea level. While this scenic mountain town in the beautiful Moreno Valley seemingly has it all with a PGA-rated golf course, highly rated mountain bike terrain, lake and hiking trails, it’s important to understand how altitude may affect you on vacation. High altitude can impact you in the following ways:

  • Lower levels of oxygen that may lead to headaches and nausea
  • Decreased hydration
  • Feeling like you have to exert more physical effort than normal
  • Increased appetite

While altitude sickness is rare, plan to drink more water, rest between excursions and give yourself the first day or so to adapt. If needed, oxygen is available both at the Angel Fire Resort and the Vacation Rental Home Office in Angel Fire.

As your appetite increases, especially if you are planning to cook, it’s good to know that with decreased air pressure some foods take longer to cook in the mountains. This is especially true if you are stewing meat or vegetables with liquid or water as faster than normal evaporation occurs. Just plan a little extra time for cooking and note that oven temperatures stay consistent with sea level.

Average Weather In Angel Fire During The Spring & Summer

The weather in Angel Fire from April to September averages between 60 to 80 degrees during the day and 30 to 50 degrees at night. The average rainfall is approximately 6 days a month. This makes Angel Fire the optimal playground for outdoor summer activities during the day but also where you can enjoy a bonfire or hot tub at night.

What To Pack For A Trip In The Mountains

Since it typically gets cooler at night, you’ll want to pack layers. This ranges from shorts and swimming attire to sweatshirts, raincoats and light jackets. Hats, sunglasses, binoculars and umbrellas may come in handy. If you want to pack light, there are plenty of shops and boutiques with apparel and other essential items for sale right here in Angel Fire. 

Events & Things To Do In Angel Fire

Your vacation to Angel Fire can be filled with as many activities or as much relaxation as you want. Some come to daringly explore the mountain terrain on bikes, horseback or ATVs. Others simply want to escape city life to breathe fresh air and take in the breathtaking views of meadows, the lake and the mountains.

Choose From Many Outdoor Excursions

Spring and Summer are wonderful times to enjoy the natural bounties and festive events in Angel Fire. The season kicks off with the opening of the Angel Fire Resort Golf Course, this 18-hole and 72-par public course is home to gorgeous views of Wheeler Peak and a unique 6th hole that has you teeing off a box at 200 vertical feet.

Mountain biking is another fan favorite when it comes to exciting things to do in Northern New Mexico. The Angel Fire Bike Park has consistently been named one of the best in the Southwest. Navigate the chair lifts up the mountain and then choose from a variety of paths and park terrain based on your skill level.

Budget-Friendly & Free Activities To Do In Angel Fire

There are so many family and budget-friendly activities to do in Angel Fire. These include hiking, picnics at the lake, a summer Friday night concert series and even attending the annual hot balloon festival, Balloons Over Angel Fire.

In addition to all of these outdoor activities, annual events like the Fourth of July Parade & Drone Show, Tamale Cook Off and Art Show are FREE to attend.

How To Maximize Relaxing Evenings

While your days may be jam-packed, the pristine setting of Angel Fire is especially relaxing in the evenings. Whether you are staying at the resort or one of many mountain cabins or vacation rental homes, you’ll find plenty of amenities to help aid your nightly relaxation. Balconies with rocking chairs, wind-around porches, outdoor grills, hot tubs, exceptional dining and concerts in the park will have you feeling peaceful in no time.

For other questions about vacationing in Angel Fire, check out our FAQ page

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